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Keen palate – a super taster

How FSF use Sensory Attributes in New Product Development Sensory analysis (including being a super taster) can be used for quality control, determining shelf life, gauging the readiness for product launch, assessing product success, flavour…
Ruth Dolby on the panel at IFE Manufacturing 2022

NPD Session: From kitchen table to factory floor

Watch the 30 minute session about NPD (New Product Development) for food products - titled From kitchen table to factory floor in which Ruth Dolby participated. The session was sponsored by BCMPA. The event was IFE Manufacturing organised…

From Compliance to Growth

...the challenge for the British Food Industry
Mail Online Sausagegate article header

‘Sausagegate’ and Ruth Dolby

Ruth Dolby has been mentioned in the national press as a result of the testing she was commissioned to undertake in the ‘Sausagegate’ row.