The Science of Managing Food Company Growth

Are you an MD, CEO or on the board of a food company wanting to grow?

Are you confident that you have all the angles covered?

Are you looking to move beyond the standard company to being the market leader?

Food Business Solutions

…that your company needs

Ruth Dolby has been operating in the food industry for over 30 years from small start-ups to large corporates and has risen from the ranks where she learnt her craft to now operate at the senior management and director level. Her hands on knowledge ensures that when she works with you and your senior teams she works your business gain practical solutions that you can implement together.

Ruth sees three aspects of food business which cause the majority of problems and has experience across a range of businesses to bring to you to enable your business to grow more robustly.

Forecasting – getting your plans right from Product Development and Production to delivery
Consistency of Product & Process, getting it dependably right.
Communication – Intra- and Inter-company

Typical Food Business Problems

…that Food Science Fusion solve every day

Food businesses, whatever their size, have a unique set of challenges that are distinct from other industries. If you are reading this website and running a food business, from an SME to a Blue Chip or Multinational, you are probably looking for help to address some of your company’s problems.

  • Longer than expected product development lead-times
  • Higher than expected costs of production
  • Troubled relationships with key suppliers or customers

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3 pillars of a successful food business

Forecasting and Planning

…of new product development and manufacturing processes

Problems where the forecasting and planning aren’t everything they should be include:

  • The sequencing and cost of product development is not known or is a mystery
  • You always know what has gone wrong OR even worse, you always uncover what has gone wrong
  • Every new step is a new path
  • Your staff are always too busy

FSF can help by working with your company for a bespoke pathway that suits your product, client base and culture enabling your teams to

  • Learn from past successes as well as analyse failure enabling successful adjusted practises to suit clients and your company
  • Applying fresh set of experienced eyes helping you get the most out of what you have and embracing change
  • Ensuring that each client and supplier system augments your pathway, not disrupt it

The benefits are:

  • Shorter lead times from idea to delivery
  • Enhanced reputation as a good company to work for and work with
  • Targets set are targets achieved


…of development and manufacturing process and product

Problems where inconsistency rules are

  • Costings are made to become inaccurate ….some of the time….maybe!
  • Your company can be viewed as unreliable
  • Your basis for most decisions are planned on shifting sands

FSF can help by working with you to

  • Benefit from multi- disciplined approach
  • Gain a reputation for reliability and the go to supplier
  • Enable an holistic view of cause and effect

The benefits are:

  • Fewer customer complaints
  • Enhanced brand reputation
  • Accurate figures to expand from


…in a food production company

Problems caused by ineffective communication include:

  • Higher staff turnover
  • Higher product development and production costs
  • Missed opportunities
  • Customers lost

FSF can help by tutoring and mentoring the key players in your team to:

  • Use communication processes effectively across time, language and discipline barriers
  • Recognise when information is incomplete or inaccurate and how and when to ask for amendments
  • Manage communication channels to your advantage

The benefits are:

  • Shorter timescales for development of new products and improvement of existing
  • Reduced waste across all aspects of the business
  • Happier more productive teams within and across disciplines