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All of our services are bespoke to the client and carried out under complete commercial confidentiality.

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Got ideas for new products but not sure if they will work?

New Product Development has different meanings in different companies. Our job is to enable you to challenge your ideas, testing them against the commercial realities of the Food & Drinks industry. We enjoy helping others to grow their ideas into businesses and seeing them flourish. For established businesses, we enable them to underpin ideas with tried and tested processes, to fast-track your business to greater commercial success. We work with companies to take cutting edge research; novel & new ingredients and new ways of production to various markets successfully.

Furthermore, as companies grow to multi-site production facilities, product development requires underpinning processes. We have worked with several large clients to eliminate variation across their company.

Fast-track your idea to commercial success with Food Science Fusion.

Have your product standards slipped or never been established?

Food Science Fusion have keen eyes for identifying problems on the production line and will enable you to solve the issue of inconsistency in your products. We look at your production area from 360 degrees, identifying opportunities for improved line usage and team work. We will make sure that your teams are working effectively and are fully aware of the correct procedure when producing.

In addition, we work with you to ensure that you fully sweat your assets, facilitating better use of capacities, working with your staff to maximise their capabilities for a happier, more productive workforce. Furthermore, if you keep your company secrets in silos, you need an overall method of communication to enhance your product standards within the company. Achieve consistent production with clear, concise instructions across your workforce.

Remember: Consistent products lead to greater sales!

Is your team not working as efficiently as it once did?

As your business expands, either by acquisition or organic growth, communication channels can stretch and break. Don’t let your departments lose touch, with our guidance we’ll return them to the efficient, effective standard you expect. By interacting with your workforce, we can identify and target issues that may have been overlooked in the hubbub of a busy working day, leaving many more skills in the business than when we arrived.

We believe in an effective TEAM, Together Everyone Achieves More.

Are your ingredients behaving badly?

Do you have products that don’t reach shelf life, suffer breakages or receive frequent customer complaints? Are you looking to give an ingredient demonstration for technical sale, but need scientific data to reinforce your presentation? At Food Science Fusion we provide base recipes with scientific reinforcement – with knowledge of rheology (flow), water activity (aw), phase introduction, pH interactions and more.

But our ingredients knowledge doesn’t end there.

If you’ve wanted to commercialise an ingredient that’s new to you or new to the market, we have access to laboratories, test kitchens and a pilot plant attached to our office space to help you work with that ingredient.

Furthermore, if you’ve found you are bulk-buying more than you need of an ingredient to get better price, we can prevent wastage and expand your product range to accommodate the excess of that ingredient. Similarly, if you have an underutilised machine, we can expand your product range to incorporate that machine back into use.

Solve your ingredient issues with scientific solutions.

Need a refresher course or to learn something new about food and the industry?

Food Science Fusion work with partners to deliver engaging workshops (e.g. ‘How Many Beans‘) for entrepreneurs and growing businesses. Our staff members are industry experts, working with different universities across the UK in the areas of nutrition and dietetics. Through lecturing and leading practicals, we enable students to have a greater understanding of the practicalities of food production and consumption.

Think: To grow your company, you must first grow your knowledge.