Research in Food & Diet Innovations

Food InnovationsFood Science Fusion Ltd has research interests spanning healthy ageing, nutrition, diet and development, as well as exploring innovative food and drink formulations to respond to the changing dietary needs and trends that our society faces; as a society become more aware of the composition of our foods, tunes into terms like ‘GI’ and ‘blood-sugar levels’, and are becoming more conscious of intolerances and allergies producers need to respond. The new-found appreciation that some consumers are giving to food and its function means that the food industry have to maintain pace with the ever-changing dietary habits and choices of the consumer. There are also those who are confused by all of this new knowledge and do not separate myth from science.

The teams formed by Food Science Fusion Ltd are well-versed in project management of food, feed and ingredient research projects, with knowledge and expertise from the grant application process through to completion of multi-consortia funded projects. The team has expertise in landscape scanning, identification and development of IP, and forming commercialisation strategies.

Of particular interest to Food Science Fusion is the utilisation of new techniques, new functional ingredients and machinery; how dietary needs across all life stages are met; and how applying science well advances nutrition and global health