How in-house teams benefit from extra resource

The situation:

How often have you been so pushed that you do not know which of all your ‘top priorities’ is the 1st priority to tackle?

The conundrum:

At what point do you look for extra resource; do you have time to assess if that needs to be temporary fix, a fixed term contract, a permanent appointment, part or full time? Plus do you have time to not only to find said angel, but also to interview and then induct them effectively plus give them the all-important targeted briefing to get the work done to your exacting standards?

The solution:

Get ahead of the problem and plan for the business growth by building your network and number of associates.

By adopting this route your work level stresses become manageable. You have identified your trusted sounding boards and have non-disclosure agreements in place. You know that you can accept that welcome surprise of a customer turning to you in a flap for you to solve their emergency needs and deliver that professional service and product that wins you the long term, more profitable, contacts.


Go through your network, evaluate the links with your team and the gaps when you are free to think. Contact those who have the skills and the experience and explore options over a cuppa, keep your network current.

If you need to know more on the whys, how, and when contact Food Science Fusion’s Ruth Dolby