Swelling your starch knowledge & your food network – IFST Midlands Event

Ruth Dolby, of Food Science Fusion Ltd, is to chair the IFST Midlands Branch Event on 14th June.

This Institute of Food Science & Technology (IFST) event is titled: Increasing of Food Starch Theory by Swelling Our (Starchy) Knowledge and Networks

It will take place at Healy Group, Coalville, LE67 1HH at 4:00 BST on 14th June 2023

What participants will learn about: Presentation will explore what are the different challenges starches can meet & why selection is dependent on understanding the effects of the product production methods. How scaling up/ back can lead to different choices to achieve the same result and how identifying the key questions to ask before selection can save time, money and frustration.

Who should attend: Branch members and potential branch members from the Midlands food & beverage producers