Food Science Fusion’s focus on the effects of fallible Communication

Good communication relies on what is transmitted being received as the sender intended, and on it being sent correctly in the first place!

Do you work in a company that passes too much or too little information?

Is your communication [in all formats] used to greatest effect?

How much is it costing you in profit and staff retention…we dare you to put a figure to it

A vital piece of information that never makes it to the right person to act on is worse than useless – it can be extremely costly.

It is not a company size issue. Food Science Fusion have worked with Blue Chip companies and larger SME’s with very similar problems.

In one case each department was throwing resources at an issue / problem, CAP Ex was being applied for and the facts and figures were needed within 8 weeks.

Food Science Fusion identified several large vital pieces of the jigsaw that no one person had overall sight of. Within the company the communication channels were not in place to enable the high level picture to be built up. No could or had taken the overall snapshot of the situation in the way that Food Science Fusion assesses situations.

Result of our involvement: The multi-discipline approach led by Food Science Fusion enabled the companies to move onwards and upwards in the one case saving CapEx of £40k+ in the other gaining 14 new lines B2B supply into the largest Blue Chip in their sector.